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CHARLOTTE, NC — Bigfoot is back in North Carolina. That’s according to a McDowell County man who says he has video proof that the large creature who has for decades persisted as a mythical legend in western North Carolina is alive. And, he says, it throws rocks.

Doug Teague, who is an avid Bigfoot hunter and member of the Catawba Valley Bigfoot Believers, said he took the video earlier last month when he was in the woods retrieving game cameras.

“On the way out of the woods, I heard a couple of knocks. Just put it off as a woodpecker, didn’t think much about it. Then, a rock was [thrown], that rolled down the hill,” Teague said in a video posted on the group’s page, detailing the incident.

Teague lives in McDowell County, about 100 miles west of Charlotte.

As Teague walked along in the woods, his dog Daisy ran in the direction of the thrown rock and he pulled out his phone to take a video. Then, he said, another rock was thrown and to his right, he heard “numerous loud grunts.”

“It definitely got my attention,” he said.

Another rock was thrown, this time from the left, he said. That’s about the time he said he saw something kneeled down behind a stump.

“The object was very black with a pretty silver sheen to it, and it just sat there. Every now and then you could see it move.” At one point, the creature turned its head and Teague said it was then he saw the profile. “It was awesome because it does look like a gorilla,” he said. “You can see chin, nose, forehead.”

He said he saw it stand upright, reaching a height of about 7 to 8 feet tall. Then, it walked over a hill.

The experience left Teague feeling “like a giddy school kid,” he told WCNC.

According to the Hickory Daily Record, Teague has hunted the legendary Bigfoot in western North Carolina for about a decade, often bringing along Moon Pies, turnips or granola bars to use as bait.

For years, lore has circulated that a sasquatch creature is living in thickly forested hills of western North Carolina, prompting tales of sightings that date back to the 1800s, according to

A naturalist with the Catawba Science Center told the newspaper that while there’s no evidence supporting the lore behind the legend of Bigfoot, there is just as little evidence disproving the idea. “I, for one, hope there is a Bigfoot,” Bruce Beerbower said. “I also hope no one ever finds them.”

The western North Carolina community is embracing the idea of sasquatch neighbors, and is throwing it a party. The annual Bigfoot Festival is Saturday, Sept. 14 in downtown Marion, North Carolina.

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You can see part of Teague’s video here:

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