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“It’s just balls-out fun,” Steve Spoonamore, serial entrepreneur, says about the essence of it all, as practiced here in the U.S.

“There are people who love to sail the ocean or climb mountains…More power to them—but it’s nowhere near as interesting as taking a technology nobody has heard of, finding a market for it and launching it to your customers. That’s satisfying,” he adds.

Latino style, American style, isn’t it one and the same, people?

Why  keep pushing them, brushing them aside, to the edges, those Latino brothers and sisters.

Be aware: They are already in the center of the mainstream, and it is for you to find out how we already managed to squeeze in.

There are over 7,000 Latino-owned and operated business in Philadelphia, and millions and millions more all over the country.

All generating thousands of job, billions in sales and millions in profits, with a total economic output that competes with our great neighbors to the North, Canada, not to speak of our great neighbours to the South, Mexico.

If U.S. Latinos —which has been called “a nation within a nation”— were an independent country, we not only would be more populous than Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Argentina, but, thanks to to the free enterprise we are allowed to practice here in the U.S., we would rank at the very top in economic productivity, competing with the top players south of the border.

However the so-called legacy media in Philadelphia, as well as across the country —some of it, very decadent and outdated media, to be brutally honest— only counts and repeats to exhaustion only one statistic:

The number of “undocumented Latinos.” “Ilegals,” as the very accurate AP used to brand them until not long ago.

Here at AL DÍA we will focus on the overlooked statistic:

How many Latinos, and other Multicultural residents of our city, our State and our great Nation, are breaking their back this morning to meet a payroll, pay taxes to the government, close a new contract, keep a business afloat and thriving?

How many of them are making sure our food is served as we deserve, our clothes are ironed out and clean to wear, or our news delivered on time, with some degree of needed cultural sensitivity and factual accuracy (yes, our primary duty here at AL DIA, pardon the plug:).

This nation, and this great city that led to its foundation 242 years ago, has open the doors to many of us— when they remain shut hard on our faces, in other places of this great American continent.

For that reason we are nothing but extremely grateful.

To Philadelphia, to our new neighbours and to our friends, here and across the country.

Here we have been given the right to free enterprise, also to build a home, and, more importantly, to raise a family. An American Family, now part of the larger American Family.

As proud American Citizens we also contribute and give back at the end, knowing full well nothing we will take with us when our time is finally up.

Mother America, stern as it may have been, has also been, in the end, very kind and generous to us. The slapping was just ‘tough love,’ I guess.

Meet in this edition Adriana Alejandre, just a sample of many more to come in these pages, within our new editorial series ALDÍAEntrepreneurs— in the making as we speak, (back in our own bakery of new ideas, so to speak..:)

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