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NORTH CAROLINA — Dressing up for Halloween just got a little more tech savvy. Google recently released a list of the Halloween costumes people are searching for the most this year in the United States, and North Carolina’s favorite spooky get-up is none other than IT.

And what could possibly be creepier than a Stephen King character that is an evil shape-shifting killer clown that preys on children’s fears?

Google teamed up to present the data with Frightgeist, an interactive Halloween website powered by Google Trends. For the state-by-state breakdown of the most popular Halloween costumes, the two companies looked at only the top-searched terms during September.

Our state loves scary clowns and so does the rest of the country. IT was the most searched Halloween costume nationwide.

IT was the lead halloween costume searched in 15 states, with the always classic witch coming in second at 11 and dinosaur in third with eight states. Fortnite was the most searched Halloween costume in two states.

For those looking to celebrate the spooky holiday with their special someone, Lilo and Stitch, Bonnie and Clyde, and Cosmo and Wanda were the three most searched couples’ costumes. Google made sure to remember our furry four-legged family members too, but you might not like what it found: The most popular dog costume was a Chucky doll outfit.

In the cutest data result, the top trending search option for baby costumes was a banana.

Google and Frightgeist also found the break-out costumes of 2019. Of all things, White Claw is trending way up.

Since the beginning of this year, searches for ‘white claw halloween costume’ are up more than 1,450 percent. Costumes related to “The Avengers,” “Stranger Things,” “Toy Story,” and Spider-Man are also gaining serious traction.

“Beetlejuice” took home the top spot for most searched Halloween movie. Halloween cookies were the No. 1 most searched Halloween recipe, and (who knew?) Halloween curtains was the top Halloween decor searched term.

Here are the overall 15 most searched Halloween costumes for 2019:

  1. IT
  2. Witch
  3. Spider-Man
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Descendants
  6. Clown
  7. Fortnite
  8. Chucky
  9. 1980s
  10. Unicorn
  11. Rabbit
  12. Pirate
  13. “Stranger Things”
  14. Mouse
  15. Harley Quinn

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