Latinos must engage, not just resist, the Trump White House – Los Angeles Times

Donald Trump poses a dilemma for Latino leaders. As a candidate, his statements sowed fear, distrust and acrimony in our community. Now that he is president, many feel he should be denounced and obstructed at every turn, along with anyone perceived to be collaborating with him.

Recently, the Los Angeles Times published a six-part editorial on the Trump presidency. Reading through that series, one might ask: “How could any Latino vote for Trump?” Yet a significant percentage did exactly that.

The U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce did not support Trump during his campaign, but now that he is in the White House, my organization believes that for the sake of the work we do, we must have a seat at the table, we must continue to engage the White House and advocate for our community.

The USHCC works diligently to promote the economic interests of 4.2 million Latino-owned businesses in the United States. We provide scholarships and training to educate local leaders and entrepreneurs. We also connect small businesses with the large corporations that provide them with the contracts — and opportunities — to grow. The needs of these businesses remain the same, regardless of who is in the White House.

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