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Everyone knows that one of President Trump’s top goals is to fix our country’s broken immigration system. It served as a basis for his candidacy, and it was a talking point that always energized his supporters during the campaign. I joined his campaign, serving on his National Diversity Coalition and National Hispanic Advisory Council, in February of 2016, and served as a national surrogate with a focus on Spanish speaking media.

Being Latino, and as the first of my family to be born here in the United States, the media always asked me about immigration, and about why a Latino was proudly supporting Trump’s immigration plans. They assumed that because I am Latino, and because I have family in South America, that I should be on the other side of the aisle.

In fact, I am extremely proud to say that I support the president’s immigration policies as a Latino. Why? Because whether they say it or not, a majority of Latinos in the U.S. want strong immigration policies implemented. Those who come here legally do not want their jobs taken away by another Latino who crossed the border or overstayed a visa. 


No matter what the event, no matter what the main topic of the interview was, the mainstream media always asked about then-candidate Trump’s immigration policies. The media portrayed, and continues to portray, those policies as somehow controversial. But electing Trump was exactly what this country needed to fix its immigration system.

It is a fact that President Obama was the most open border president ever. But don’t get this confused as the media does: President Trump in no way, shape, or form is anti-immigration. He is anti-illegal immigration, as all lawmakers should be. Unfortunately, it seems many Democrats on Capitol Hill don’t mind illegal immigration.

If they don’t mind illegal immigration, then they must not care about those American citizens that have been harmed by those who enter illegally. In my opinion, the president’s vision for immigration is the most “America First” policy on his list. During the campaign, Trump used a simple quote that stuck with me. “A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation.” Any immigration plan implemented must improve jobs, wages and, especially, security for all Americans. 

A prime example of how this is helping American citizens is “VOICE,” which is short for Victims of Immigration Crimes Engagement. It’s a new initiative and office within the Department of Homeland Security that will work with and support those individuals and families affected by any crimes committed by an illegal immigrant. As a corollary to that initiative, the department has hired over 30,000 new ICE agents.

One of the best ways to help prevent illegal immigration is to actually have boots on the ground on the U.S.-Mexican border, as well as in major cities and counties. Although some who immigrate here are good people, there are many who are not. There are many who join gangs such as MS-13 and Latin Kings. Those who are here illegally, don’t contribute to their community, go in and out of prison, and deal drugs are the ones who need to be detained and deported in full force to further help and support American citizens and those who came here legally.

And, most importantly, the wall on the southern border. The wall could be most vital in helping to prevent illegal immigration, as more than 60 percent of illegal immigrants cross the border in that region. To date, Trump has already had a positive impact in that regard. In just over 100 days, illegal border crossings have dropped by 40 percent. But not only will it prevent crossings, the wall (and all of Trump’s immigration policies) will prevent the massive drug flow into our country, a problem that has affected everyone. 

To sum it up, Trump has been the strongest president in modern history when it comes to immigration, and that’s exactly what we need right now. With too many years of failed leadership, we finally have a president and administration that puts America and its citizenry first.


JuanPablo Andrade is an advisor on President Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council and National Diversity Coalition and a spokesman for America First Policies, a pro-Trump nonprofit organization.

The views expressed by contributors are their own and are not the views of The Hill.

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