Review: Culture Clash mines for laughs and, this time, something that cuts a lot deeper – Los Angeles Times

So the allusions, along with Christopher Acebo’s scenic design and Carolyn Mazuca’s costumes, are new. But we met most of the characters in the show in 2008. Along with the lesbians, the blue-collar couple of Todd and Francis is back. We hear again from Mohammad, a Muslim American caught between two cultures. An emotive Southern preacher reprises his sermon on the historical inaccuracy of white representations of Jesus. A “Nuyorican” (Puerto-Rican New Yorker) named Junior treats us afresh to a lively demonstration of how Latinos from various countries dance the salsa. The “Marijuana Mamas,” two aging Fresno hippies, are still passing a joint back and forth, along with a lot of zany mumbo-jumbo about dashikis and yerba mate. Adelita, a delightful and plainspoken pre-op transgender social worker, continues to look forward to her surgery after all these years.

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